The Student’s Affairs Committee of CCBA organized a week long i.e. from 15th to 19th of April 2018, Indoor Games event termed as Maffick for the students of CCBA, Dhofar University only.

Maffick in English dictionary means “to celebrate with extravagant public demonstrations” or “to celebrate extravagantly and publicly”. The pronunciation is a blend of Arabic word MAHFIL and English word TERRIFIC. Corresponds to a Terrific Mahfil
The event has been designed to nurture the scientific and logical skill development, as they will learn to reason, negotiate and problem solving.

Such activities are trend setters so that our students may develop confidence and risk taking capabilities through competence. Now, a day’s students have over access of computer and video games, video, television and electronic toys which effects their skill development, reasoning and logical thinking. One important benefit of playing indoor games is that it increases attention span. Through indoor games, students can learn to: grab attention, honor the rules, take their turns, outcome predictor, be considerate, critical thinking, be imaginative, social bonding and fore see the consequences. Which will directly nurture the ability to be successful in academics, personal and professional world.

Maffick induces creativity, competitive mentality and physical endurance in our students and colleagues.


It is not limited to an artist. Problem solving by being imaginative and self-developed solutions also leads to creativity. With cutting edge competition in the professional world creativity becomes an important tool to be introduced to our students and we should encourage them to be more creative and originally imaginative towards their approach to problem solving

Competitive Mentality:

Indoor activities and indoor games requires skills for sorting, comparing, classifying, matching and differentiating which encourages our student capabilities to logical implement and learn basic mathematical solutions and correlate theoretical concepts and numerical problems.
Physical Endurance: Spending quality time with each other is a healthy way of learning for teachers and students. By simulating real life scenario, the participants can have a more holistic view of the coming challenges and develop tricks and turns to successfully face them, which gives the sense of achievement in a relaxed and cordial environment.

Through Maffick our students competed for six different titles.

  1. Billiards Cueist
  2. Table Tennis Champ
  3. Carom Board Champion
  4. Chess Master
  5. Domino Achiever
  6. Ludo Conqueror
  7. Snake & Ladder Cracker

As evident from the competing titles there was two table and four board games events i.e. Billiards, Table Tennis Carom Board, Chess, Domino Ludo and Snake & Ladder.

The primary goal of DU is to impart education, so, to honor it these events will be held during the break timing of the students, so that their studies were not hampered.

To learning with fun and make our students enjoy their stay at CCBA. Students are expecting from their teachers to help them in balancing their learning time and relaxing and entertaining time. It helps them unplug from pressure of course learning and problem solving stress and give them a window or space imagine and dream an alternative solution.

Sr.No Event Title Category
1 Billiards Billiards Cueist Men Singles / Women Singles
2 Table Tennis Table Tennis Champ Men Singles/ Men Double / Women Singles / Women Double
3 Chess Chess Master Men Singles / Women Singles
4 Carom Board Carom Board Champion Men Singles / Men Double / Women Singles / Women Double
5 Domino Domino Achiever Men Singles / Men Double / Women Singles / Women Double
6 Ludo Ludo Conqueror Men Singles / Men Double / Women Singles / Women Double
7 Snake & Ladder Snake & Ladder Cracker Men Singles / Women Singles


The event was announced on 18th of March 2018, through notice board and posters, asking the students to fill the ‘Participation Form’ and submit on or before 20th of March 2018. These forms were collected on daily bases by the active committee members and the data was being entered in computers to make groups for preliminary rounds and games slot.

The number of participants are increasing in leaps and bound, which is evident from the following table

2016 2017 2018
Number of Events 5 6 7
Number of Participants 79 187 398
Number of Categories 44 56 60
Number of Winners 22+22 28+28 30+30


Human Resources:

The entire event was organized, managed and judged by the Student’s Committee Members in support with other faculty members from different department of CCBA. With a reservation of female faculty members were judging and managing the female students. Honoring local culture and making them to feel comfortable while enjoying the event.