About Department of MIS

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Business Administration with Management information system (MIS) major is a four-year program encompassing 120 credit hours. As part of their fourth year, students are required to carry out a Final year project and submit a report. ln addition, after completing the third year, students are required to undergo internship Training for a period of eight weeks.

Diploma in Business Administration in Management information system major consists of the first two years of Bachelor program encompassing 60 credit hours.

Department Chairperson

Samir Marwan Hammami

Associate Professors
    1. Samir Hammami
    2. Mohammad Ahmar Khan
Assistant Professors
  1. Tareq Mohammad Al Housary
  2. Mohammed Aref
  3. Mohammed Yousoof Ismail
  4. Murtaza Farooque
  5. Husam N. S. Yasin

Shahrazad Al Marhoon


Musallam Mohammed Alamri
+968 2323 7451
Room No: CCBA 215 B

To become a recognized unit of MIS that provides quality knowledge to students and quality consultation and solutions to industry.

To provide knowledge and skills on management information systems in an open learning environment that will have practical relevance at the work place and has benefit for the community at large. Our faculty members strive to excel in teaching in a student-centered environment, supported by research and service contributing to the professional and academic communities at the national and regional levels.

Management Information Systems (MIS) is a challenging field focused on integrating information technology and organizational processes to meet the needs of businesses and other enterprises. Information technology is viewed as an instrument for generating, processing, and distributing information in an organization.
Studying management information systems can provide the learner with essential knowledge of managing organizations with the support of information systems. All kinds of organizations public or private, service-based, or product based big or small, utilize Information technology for the creation, storage, and transmission of information. This needs MIS Professionals in various sectors and industries. However, in the technological era (big data, cloud computing, business intelligence, analytics…etc.) MIS graduates are eligible to work in any functional area or administrative level in any organization type.