About Department of Finance and Economics

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Business Administration with Finance major is a four-year program encompassing 120 credit hours. As part of their fourth year, students are required to carry out a Final year Project and submit a report.
Diploma in Business Administration in Finance major consists of the first two years of Bachelor program encompassing 60 credit hours.

In addition, in both programs, after completing the second year (45 credits), students are required to undergo Internship Training for a period of eight weeks.

Department Chairperson

Kavita Chavali

Full Professors
  1. Faris Alshubiri
Associate Professors
  1. Syed Ahsan Jamil
  2. Kavita Chavali
  3. Naushad Alam
Assistant Professors
  1. Mohammed Abdul Imran Khan
  2. Ahmar Uddin Mohammed
  3. Nadia Sha
  4. Muawya Ahmed Hussein
  5. Abdullah Mohammed Al Ghazali
  6. Mohammad Waleed Alomari

Hitham Salim Al Hadhri


Reem Fayel Maghrab
+968-2323 7411
Room No: CCBA 213 A

To have leadership position in the region in finance education, research, and outreach to the society and the profession in the sultanate of Oman.

To provide the students with finance knowledge, analytical and thinking skills, and encourage the scientific research in an open learning environment to serve the community.

Finance is considered as a wonderful and challenging field and today the whole world is looking to develop, innovate and find new ways to earn money and so there is increasing demand for professionals to manage the money too. The base for any business is undoubtedly & finance.
For pursuing a successful finance career, one should necessarily be well educated and qualified in the field of finance.For being able to work in finance field, there are many good courses offered under finance major by CCBA Department of Finance and Economics.
On successfully completing program, you may find job openings in Government; Private companies, Banks, Insurance companies, Non-Banking Finance companies etc.