About Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with Marketing major is a four-year program encompassing 120 credit hours. The students will be introduced to practical strategies and concepts that will enable them to succeed as marketing professionals in the highly competitive market. They are also required to complete two months of internship in a business organization after two years as well as complete a Final Year Project in and submit a report. The program aims to develop marketing professionals who can visualize and achieve the marketing objectives of organizations.

Diploma in Business Administration in Marketing major consists of the first two years of Bachelor program encompassing 60 credit hours.

The Bachelor of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a newly introduced a four–year program encompassing 120 credit hours with specialization in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. The students will be introduced to various elements of logistics and supply chain operations and are also required to complete two months of internship in a business organization after two years as well as complete a Final Year Project and submit a report. The program aims to train and equip professionals for varied roles in the logistics and supply chains of companies.

Department Chairperson:

Mohammed Bait Ali Sulaiman

Associate Professors:

Suhail Mohammed Ghouse
Shouvik Sanyal
Mohammed Bait Ali Sulaiman

Assistant Professors:
  1. Kamaal Allil
  2. Hafiz Wasim Akram

Ali Mohsin Salim Ba Awain


Kamila Said Alshahri
Room No: CE 212 B

To provide innovative and practical education in marketing, logistics and supply chain management in a learning environment and produce well rounded professionals who can contribute to the development of the country and beyond.

To provide relevant knowledge in Marketing and Logistics and Supply Chain Management and shape the skills of our students in an open learning environment that will have practical relevance at the work place and also benefit the community at large. Our faculty members strive to excel in teaching in a student-centered environment, supported by research and service contributing to the professional and academic communities at the national and regional levels.

“Marketing is a dynamic area that will open a wide range of careers for the aspirants. Most of the students are attracted to developing career in this area as it builds a solid foundation of business skills as well as the added bonus of developing their skills in marketing for further career progression. The scope of marketing is huge, as it covers areas like market research, product development, advertising, branding, and ultimately sales, hence it appeals much to the students allowing them to discover which field they enjoy the most. A career in marketing appeals to a wide variety of people because of the diversified job roles within the sector–there’s something for everyone. You can use your degree to progress into careers in marketing, sales, Public Relations, advertising, consultancy, branding, and much more!”
Marketing is one of the fastest-growing careers. When you have a marketing degree, there will be many employment opportunities. Your marketing degree can help you start your career in communications, sales, public relations, advertising, consulting, and management.
The field of marketing is rapidly expanding in Oman with the growth of the sales and distribution networks of several companies. New showrooms are opening up across all cities and towns of the Sultanate. New advertising avenues are also catching on. All this points to a rapid increase in the number of sales and marketing jobs. There is a huge demand for qualified professionals in this field. So a degree in Marketing from Dhofar University will open up several opportunities for graduates in this field. It’s time to grab this opportunity for a satisfying and fulfilling career in this exciting field.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management are the lifeblood of any business and deal with the production, shipment, warehousing, and delivery of products. Logistics and SCM are the basic back-end operations that are crucial for the success of all business firms, especially in the manufacturing sector. Logistics and supply chain is vital in providing superior services to meet customer demand. The importance of this field has been recognized globally, and there is an increasing demand for qualified and skilled professionals in this sector.
The Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship at CCBA, Dhofar University offers a four year B.Sc. in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, one of very few such programs in the country. The program aims to provide the students with theoretical knowledge, accompanied by sound practical understanding of the logistics sector. The aim of the program is to make the graduates fully equipped for the job market.
The graduates of the program can look forward to several exciting job opportunities in the fast growing logistics industry. Logistics and Supply Chain has been identified as a core area under Oman Vision 2040 and the country has seen sustained investment in the development of the logistics sector. Oman’s Logistics Strategy 2040 looks at creating as many as 300,000 jobs in logistics services and making a GDP contribution of OMR 14 billion. Job opportunities are available in airports, seaports, logistics and transport companies, manufacturing industries, consultancies etc. A degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from DU is indeed the gateway to a promising and successful future.
With globalization connecting even the most remote corners of the planet, now is an excellent moment to pursue a career in logistics. Due to the globalization boom and the increased level of logistical operations, employment in the industry is predicted to increase at a fast rate. Logistics Manager, Integrated Programs Director, Inventory Manager, Supply Chain Planning Manager, and more specific occupations are expected to be available in galore in the field of logistics management. Most employers prefer logistic managers to have a bachelor’s degree in logistics management. Furthermore, having both a degree and work experience will aid in the job search. Many of the occupations in this profession are associated with industry and government.
The Department of Marketing & Entrepreneurship, CCBA, has studied the market requirements, as well as the future vision “Oman 2040”. The recent pandemic’s circumstances highlight the importance of the logistics field in Oman and its impact on the national economy, emphasizing the need for professional academic programs in the Logistics field. Keeping in view the importance of Logistics and Supply Chains professionals, the Department of Marketing & Entrepreneurship is running the Logistics Management program to have a pool of bachelor in logistics professionals in the market to meet the requirement of the market and the vision of Oman 2040.
Dhofar University’s Logistics Management curriculum equips and prepares students to become future Logistics Management field professionals, aligning with jobs and market demands. Professionals in the field collaborate with industry experts to develop and amend the program design to guarantee that students are well-educated and skilled.