The College Advisory Council’s objective is to provide the College of Commerce and Business Administration in Dhofar University with a competitive advantage and opportunities to interact with the local community specifically the business community.


The Council’s role is to:

  • Offer Industry and government perspective on graduate attributes, employability and competitiveness
  • Provide feedback about the future relevance of degree programs.
  • Initiate and foster new initiatives, research projects and entrepreneurial activities.
  • Provide assistance on college strategy and execution and anywhere the dean could benefit from an outside perspective.
  • Be college ambassadors in the community, with alumni and organizations.
  • Assist with financial development needs.

Members of the CCBA Advisory Council

Dr. Syed Ahsan Jamil
(The Chair of the Committee)
CCBA DeanDhofar University
Mr. Ahmed AkaakDeputy CEOSalalah Port
Mr. Mohammed Ali IssaGeneral ManagerOmantel
Mr. Ram SanthanamCFOSalalah Free zone
Mr. Yasir TabookRegional Manager Bank Muscat
Mr. Mohammed Ahmed Alsanah Al MishaikhyDirectorAl Rafd Fund, Salalah
Dr. Muawya Al AniCCBA Assistant DeanDhofar University
Dr. Mansour Al rajaChairperson, Department of Management Information System, CCBADhofar University
Dr. Tariq Mohamed Saleh AtyaChairperson, Department of Management, CCBADhofar University
Dr. Mohammed Abdul Imran KhanChairperson, Department of Finance and Economics, CCBADhofar University
Dr. Zaroug OsmanChairperson, Department of Accounting, CCBADhofar University
Mohammed Bait Ali SulaimanChairperson, Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship, CCBADhofar University