About Department of Management

With a competitive, diversified and experienced full time faculty, the Department of Management offers education in management discipline that equip graduates with not only the knowledge of the subject area but also the interpersonal skills along with social awareness. The department has a student centered approach in developing skills in the area of general and Strategic Management, Research Methods, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior and Statistics in Business.

Department of Management aspires to act in response with the community requirements by putting an emphasis on various teaching and research philosophies. The department focuses on effective learning through inclusion of research and practical aspect in teaching, critical thinking, group exercises and engagement with community and organizations. The aim of the department is to develop a practical as well as creative workforce that can respond to the needs of the local market and can deal with the transforming regional and global business environment.

The department offers a two years diploma and four-year undergraduate program leading to the Bachelor of Business Administration. The program offers variety of courses that cover Management discipline. The department also offers an MBA program with various specializations. Master in Management is also offered in Arabic Language.

Department Chairperson

Omar Muhammad Durrah

Associate Professors
  1. Omar Durrah
  2. Moaz Nagib Gharib
Assistant Professors
  1. Tariq Mohamed Saleh Atya
  2. Mohammed Wamique Hisam
  3. Mariam Anil
  4. Aissa Mosbah
  1. Mohammed Osman Elrasheed, Ali Hubais
  2. Lujain Mohsen El-Maghraby
  3. Ali Mahad Hubais
Secretary I
  1. Tafool Suhail Salim Qatan

To provide high quality and practical business education and research to meet the future needs of the country.

To provide relevant management knowledge and skills in an open learning environment that will have practical relevance at the work place and has benefit for the community at large. Our faculty members strive to excel in teaching in a student-centered environment, supported by research and service contributing to the professional and academic communities at the national and regional levels.