CCBA Community Engagement

The college of Commerce and Business Administration (CCBA) under the umbrella of Dhofar University is dedicated to develop a relationship with local community through a number of activities. The college aspires to develop a productive and mutually beneficial relationship that facilitates the exchange of knowledge and skills along with involvement in local business concerns. The college intends to take into account the expertise of its well qualified and competent faculty and the available university resources to use them for community development.

CCBA recognizes its social responsibility and strives for collaboration with stakeholders in the local community. For this purpose CCBA has created a Community Engagement Committee that in accordance with its strategic and operational plan has organized and participated in various activities in and outside Dhofar University campus. The main aim of these activities is to develop an interaction with society and obtain the practical benefits of college’s educational programs. The college also aims to maximize community benefits beyond classroom teaching.

CCBA Community Engagement Activities

Over the last and this academic year there was an active participation in community service through activities like: CCBA Open Medical Day, CCBA Plantation Drive, CCBA Charity initiative, Workshop on “Marketing and Financing SMEs for Women in Dhofar”, World Environment Day and Anti Junk Food Day.

Different and various types of stakeholders were highly involved including: Sultan Qaboos Hospital- Salalah, Badar a-l Samaa Hospital, Al Wafa Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled Children in Salalah, Omani Women Association in Salalah , Sembcorp, Healthylicious, CCBA academic and non-academic staff, students, Public Relation , Technical Affairs, and Student Affairs Departments in Dhofar University.

  • Dr. Kavita Chavali (Chair)
  • Dr. Muawya Hussein
  • Dr. Mohammad Ahmar Khan
  • Shireen Rosario
  • Dr. Mohammad Ali Bait Ali Suleman