The Committee facilitates CCBA (College of Commerce and Business Administration) at Dhofar University (DU) industry engagement activities across Dhofar governorate, it works at the CCBA level to identifies and perform scenarios, close gaps and strengthen connections across CCBA, launch initiatives, and recommend to the CCBA council needed development of programs that meet the needs of industry, government, and industry professionals.


The Industry Engagement Committee assists CCBA (College of Commerce and Business Administration) by:

  • Advising and recommending CCBA council on how to build strong relationships with industry, government, and industry professionals.
  • Establishing cooperation with CCBA partners to enable the development of products and services that meet the needs of industry, government and industry professionals.
  • Coordinating, facilitating, and synchronizing industry engagement committee activities across CCBA.


The Tasks of the Industry Engagement Committee IEC-CCBA include,

  • IEC-CCBA gathers industry professionals to support CCBA council developing its strategic plan according to the directions of government and the needs of industry professionals.
  • IEC-CCBA organizes events to facilitate interaction and relationship between students with industry, government and industry leaders.
  • IEC-CCBA helps all industry entities to partner with CCBA according to the respective scope of that entity.
  • IEC-CCBA develops and delivers annual reports for the activities, successes, and challenges to CCBA council.


All members are selected from CCBA faculty members.

  • Mr. Ali Ba Awain (Chair)
  • Dr. Shouvik Sanyal
  • Dr. Omar Tewfik
  • Dr. Mohammed Aref
  • Dr. Samir Hammami
  • Dr. Naushad Alam
  • Mr. Haitham Al Hadari