Quality is the buzz word that contributes to the success of CCBA. Quality percolates in every aspect of CCBA. CCBA determines to achieve quality in teaching methods, learning strategies and operational procedures. As CCBA aspires to be unique, it has embarked itself in the various facets of quality assurance.

CCBA aims to integrate good practices as its work culture. In order to build this exemplary work culture CCBA has built is standard operating procedures and policies on the foundations of quality assurance. Thus, it provides adaptability to any new faculty or staff joining the CCBA. CCBA focuses on the quality assurance as one of its main pillars of operation.

Quality assurance team is led by the Dean of CCBA along with the support of the assistant Dean. The Quality assurance team is managed by QA Coordinators who act as the bridge between the university QAD (Quality Assurance Department) and CCBA.

CCBA strives to validate its quality through accreditation. CCBA embarks on accreditation process both nationally and internationally. In national level the CCBA has underwent the OAAA (Oman Academic Accreditation Authority) accreditation and in the international level, CCBA is working with AACSB accreditation.

The college has completed the following milestones namely

  1. Pilot Program accreditation of OAAA (Oman Academic Accreditation Authority) in 2014-15
  2. Institutional accreditation of OAAA (OMAN Academic Accreditation Authority) in 2015-16
  3. Eligibility for accreditation of AACSB (2017-18).

CCBA has started to work on the submission of the final portfolio for AACSB and expected to complete the process by the end of 2019.