In a manner that does not conflict with the general conditions contained in the instructions of the Ministry of Higher Education and the bylaws of Dhofar University, the following admission conditions apply:

Firstly, the first category – direct admission (without remedial subjects and without years of experience): Those who have a bachelor’s degree in accounting specializations with a grade of no less than good or its equivalent.
Secondly, the second category – direct admission (with years of experience): Those who have a bachelor’s degree in accounting disciplines with an acceptable grade or its equivalent, with experience in the field of accounting work of not less than two years.
Third – The third category: (Acceptance after passing remedial courses and having years of experience) Those who hold a bachelor’s degree in all specializations other than accounting from colleges of administrative sciences, colleges of commerce, colleges of economics, or their equivalent. Applicants in this category must successfully pass four remedial subjects, and these subjects are:

  • Intermediate Accounting 1
  • Intermediate Accounting 2
  • Financial Accounting
  • Cost accounting

A minimum of two years of practical experience is required. The applicant may be accepted without remedial materials, provided that he has two years of practical experience exclusively in the accounting field.

– Applicants are differentiated based on the applicant’s bachelor’s average.