As the HEI in Oman, Dhofar University mandatorily need to achieve OAAA (Oman Academic Accredidation Authority) accreditation. The OAAA accreditation is at two levels.

  1. Institutional accreditation
  2. Program accreditation

CCBA has been chosen by OAAA (Oman Academic Accreditation Authority) for its pilot study on program accreditation in the academic year 2014-15 and thus it is a testimony for the CCBA’s commitment in pursuit of quality assurance. OAAA has appreciated CCBA’s active participation in the pilot study of program accreditation. OAAA has endorsed the fact that CCBA’s proactive role in the pilot program accreditation has helped OAAA to revisit and revise the standards and criterions for program accreditation. CCBAs inputs has helped OAAA to understand the challenges and issues related to the draft proposal of program accreditation proposed by OAAA. OAAA has revised its program accreditation manual after the pilot study with CCBA. On the other hand, it helped CCBA to evolve the standard procedures and policies to be adopted and emerge on innovative management approach to enhance the functioning of the CCBA in the day to day functioning of CCBA.

DU (Dhofar University) was the HEI in Oman to undergo the ISA (Institutional Standard Assessment) of OAAA. CCBA as a constituent of DU (Dhofar University) supported in the process of ISA.CCBA also took an active role in providing the logistics support needed by the panel during the panel visit. The supporting materials were provided to the QAD(Quality assurance department) by CCBA as the processes and procedures were clearly defined and the panel has highly commended the practices of CCBA in many sections of the final report. CCBA prides itself on this commendation from OAAA as it is endorsement of the quality principles adopted by CCBA.Dhofar University is the first university to be accredited by OAAA in Oman.CCBA’s played a crucial role in the journey of success in achieving this fete by Dhofar University.

CCBA’s commitment to quality assurance has resulted in the following

  1. Development of new procedures and policies.
  2. Ensure the implementation of the procedures and policies.
  3. Formation of various support entities such as standing and ad hoc committees to enable the effective functioning of the college.
  4. Record keeping and information update both digitally and conventionally.
  5. Tracking of the Operational plan of CCBA to ensure that the strategical plan of DU is achieved.
  6. Action plan for all the entities to link with the accomplishment of the CCBA operational plan.
  7. Organizing various workshops, seminars etc. to enhance quality teaching.
  8. Academic improvement in the various dimensions such as assessments, moderation, course revision, use of technology etc.
  9. Embedding academic ethics in every aspect of functioning of CCBA.
  10. 360-degree evaluation and feedback from all stake holders.
  11. Complete transparency and building up the team sprit

CCBA Quality Assurance UNIT

CBA quality Assurance Unit is entrusted with the task of ensuring compliance and facilitation of all quality assurance aspects within the college especially the Assurance of Learning(AOL). The unit has three members responsible for the tasks

  1. Dr. Syed Ahsan Jamil – Dean CCBA
  2. Dr. M. Wamique Hisam – QA unit head
  3. Dr. Mansour ALraja – Chief Accreditation Officer for AACSB