Centre for Entrepreneurship

The Centre of Entrepreneurship at Dhofar University was established in October 2014 as the first centre which belongs to a higher institutional institute in Oman.

Students are the future of Oman and entrepreneurs are often considered valuable assets to any economy and key drivers of economic growth. Entrepreneurship plays a vital role in any country’s industrial, economic and development.

Realizing the need and potential for the economy to be self-sustainable and less dependable on the oil, with the aim of creating business leaders for tomorrow with innovative ideas and products and to incorporate the share of the Dhofar region, the Centre of Entrepreneurship came into existence. The Centre for Entrepreneurship has been constituted with the goal of fostering the entrepreneurial ecosystem between students and in the society to leverage the synergies thus generated among the various programs and will cater to & have stakeholders from different communities including but not limited to entrepreneurs, students & alumni.


The Centre for Entrepreneurship aims to become a high-class resource centre for aspiring and building successful Omani entrepreneurs of the future. The vision will be realized by three interconnected fields of activities:

The centre provides training related to entrepreneurship, targeting students from all faculties and levels in addition to Omani public, and external partners. The Centre is using an action-oriented approach to teaching, conveying knowledge based on contemporary research in the field. The education provided by the Centre shall be of a high international standard.

The Centre conducts a continuous cutting-edge research in two research areas: entrepreneurial teaching and learning and new business creation environment and conditions. The research results serve as a foundation for the educational activities and are disseminated through traditional outlets such as journals and conferences, but also through strategic networks and events such as the ones mentioned below.

The Centre initiates and develops strategic relations for a mutual exchange with both national and international universities, alumni, partners from the industry and other actors with interest in entrepreneurship. The Centre will provide various activities directed at these groups, and become a natural meeting place for the exchange of knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship.


Our mission is to create, promote and sustain the potential entrepreneurs amongst our students and local community. To accomplish our mission, we:

  • Deliver accessible and innovative entrepreneurial training;
  • Provide access to workshops, public lectures, and conferences.
  • Promote start-up business for potential entrepreneurs
  • Support high-skilled graduates to start up their business
  • Encourage graduates to consider self-employment as career choice
  • Offering training opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Disseminating information about entrepreneurial projects in the Oman.
  • Provide a link to local community
  • Strengthen the bond between academia, government, and the industry

Dhofar University believes that small innovative businesses are the healthy cells of any long-term sustainable economy. We are a young, highly motivated and dedicated team that combine knowledge and international experience from various fields. The positive impact we aim to create is demonstrated by all our activities, dedication and active implication in the community. We established high expectations for ourselves and demonstrated initiative, flexibility, teamwork and well-oriented critical thinking.

Lifelong learning and its application in everyday life will enhance the society to a large extent. We demonstrate a strong appreciation for diversity and the richness it brings to life and learning.


Centre for Entrepreneurship
Room No CCBA 216B
Office Tel: 23237455