About DAF

The Department of Accounting and Finance provides integrative and practice-oriented business education. The Department also offers a unique opportunity to develop an appreciation of the causes and significance of current developments in the financial and corporate sectors, and to study theory and practice relating to accounting and finance. The aim of the program is to provide graduates and other individuals that have practical accounting and financial training with the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue a senior level professional career in accounting, financial services or related sectors of the economy.

Department Chairperson:
Mawih Kareem Shaker Al Ani

Ibrahim Fattouh

Associate Professors:
Syed Ahsan Jamil, Omar Ikbal Tawfik, Mawih Kareem Al Ani.

Assistant Professors:
Faris Nasif Al-Shubiri, Mohammed Abdul Imran Khan, Abubakarelsidiq Abumraen, Ahmar Uddin Mohammed, Shariq Mohammed, ,Kavita Chavali, M.Shabbir Alam, Zaroug Osman Mohammed Bilal, Hazem Mohammed Al Samman, Nadia Sha, Naushad Alam, Mohammad Alam.

Muawya Ahmed Hussein, Shireen Rosario.

Amina Mohammed Ali Tabook.

To have leadership position in the region in accounting and finance education, research, and outreach to the society and the profession in the sultanate of Oman.

To provide the students with accounting and finance knowledge, analytical and thinking skills, and encourage the scientific research in an open learning environment to serve the community.


Diploma Program

  • Diploma in Business Administration - Accounting
  • Diploma in Business Administration – Finance
  • Diploma in Business Administration - Insurance

Bachelors Program

  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration - Accounting
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration - Finance
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration – Insurance