Associate Professor

Dr. Suhail Mohammad Ghouse, CMBE is an Associate Professor of Marketing & Entrepreneurship at the College of Commerce & Business Administration, Dhofar University. His areas of expertise include consumer behavior, export promotion & internationalization, entrepreneurship, etc.

Suhail’s research focuses on export promotion & internationalization in the born global SMEs, mainly in an emerging economy context. He has previously tried to explore the existing barriers and problems which acts as a barrier to export performance. He has also researched on areas like outward foreign direct investment from emerging economies like India and China and the consumer buying behavior in India and the GCC states. His current research focuses on export promotion &internationalization of born global SMEs, entrepreneurial attitudes & intentions of GCC students, and entrepreneurial learning through pitch programs in Oman.

Suhail is a Chartered Management and Business Educator (CMBE) and has taught to the graduate and post-graduate students in India, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and currently in Oman. He is a member of Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)-UK, Academy of International Business (AIB)-USA, American Council of Consumer Interests (ACCI)-USA, and Marketing Science Institute (MSI)-USA, and serves on the editorial/review boards of Inderscience and Emerald research journals.

Areas of expertise:

  • Consumer Behavior; International Marketing; Entrepreneurship,

Business and Academic Communities Engagement:
Suhail has been an active member of various university and college level committees as a part of community services. He is a member of Industry Engagement Committee which is a university level committee which encourages academic-research-industry participation. He is also a member of College Research Committee and the College Equivalency Committee.
Suhail serves to the editorial/review boards of various leading indexed journals like Journal of Islamic Marketing-Emerald, International Journal of Emerging Markets-Emerald, Journal of Small Business & Entrepreneurship-Taylor & Francis, etc. He is also an active reviewer to various international conferences organized by leading bodies like AOM, AIB, IACCM, etc.

Suhail’s teaching is marked by a combination of theory, relevance and application. His focus on interactive teaching encourages classroom debate, understanding that often the best decisions derive from the conflict between differing ideas. He used case studies, narratives, articles and class exercises to help the students understand the concept and to develop cognitive and affective approach in the students about the subject. Where possible, he encourages action learning that will allow students to gain feedback from both their peers and experienced managers of the industry.
Suhail teaches the courses of Marketing and Entrepreneurship, and has a wide experience in teaching the courses of International Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Principles of Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Sales Management, etc. in India and the GCC countries. He has developed the courses and teaching materials for the courses of International Marketing, Principles of Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Consumer Behavior.
He has supervised students at the undergraduate and graduate levels to the final projects/dissertations. He has also evaluated several PhD. theses as an external expert in Management and Marketing areas for different government universities of India.