Shireen Rosario is currently working as a lecturer at the College of Commerce and Business Administration since September, 2013. She teaches graduate students Financial Accounting, Government and Fund Accounting and Management Accounting . Prior to joining Dhofar University she was teaching the pre university students for 21 years in India and Oman. Her areas of specialization are Advanced Accounting and Management Accounting . Shireen obtained her Master’s degree in Commerce from the Bangalore University in 1991. She is currently pursuing her PhD . Shireen was the Head of the Department, Commerce at the Indian School, Salalah and during that period she was involved in monitoring all academic activities of the Commerce Department – arranging for guest lectures, conducting project evaluation by external examiners, ensuring proper conduct of classes and examinations at the internal and the board level. She has been the external examiner for project evaluation for CBSE Board.She has co-ordinated Industrial Visits and guest lectures for the Undergraduate & Graduate students.

Areas of expertise:

  • Dividend Payout, Capital Structure, Banking, Corporate Accounting, Risk Management, Financial Performance Analysis.

Business and Academic Communities Engagement:

  • Member of Examination committee in CCBA
  • Member of the University Level Induction Committee in Dhofar University
  • Member of European Accounting Association
  • Member of The Association of Accountants and Financial Professionals in Business
  • Member of Institute of Internal Auditors

Teaching methods/style: Lecture method , Power point

Teaching courses: Principles of Financial Accounting, Principles of Management Accounting, Government and Fund Accounting

Courses developed: Principles of Financial Accounting, Intermediate Accounting II, Government and Fund Accounting.
Projects/thesis supervised:

  • A study on the growth trend between Omantel and Ooredo
  • Awareness and Perception of customers on Internet Banking of Bank Muscat
  • A comparative study on the Perception of custormers on Islamic Banking and
  • A Study on the Strategic Dimensions of Salalah Free Zone
  • Study of Working Capital Management of Oman Cement Co and Raysut Cement Co
  • Analysis of Working Capital Management between A’ssafa Foods & Sohar Poultry.
  • Analysis of Profitability between Oman Oil co and Shell Oman Marketing co
  • A comparative study of Profitability between Sohar Power co and United Power co
  • Awareness and usage of online Registration by Students Registering for Academic courses
  • Analysis of Financial performance of Dhofar Cattle Feed Company