Associate Professor

Moaz Nagib Gharib is an Assistant Professor of Human Resource Management at Dhofar University – Salalah – Oman.Moaz had a Ph.D. from Damascus University (Syria) in 2014. He conducted his Thesis in the field of HRM and Organizational Behavior, Thesis’s title was {Careers management and its impact on organizational loyalty- comparative study}.

Moaz began his career as Researcher and team leader in the World Bank Project in Syria 2004, He worked as a lecture in Al-Baath University, Syria 2005-2006, after that he became as Member of the Board of Management at National Association for Youth and Development, Syria 2006-2009, while that time he worked as a Faculty member and teacher at Technical banking Institute, and commercial schools, Syria 2006-2011, at that time also he worked Scientific programs Presenter at Syrian Educational Space Channel, Syria 2008-2009, after that he started his new position as Assistant Professor (Member of teaching staff, charge de affairs) at Damascus University, Syria 2011-2015, and worked as Assistant Professor at Al-Sham Islamic High Institute, Syria 2014-2015, then he moved to UAE where he worked as Trainer at Experts and Massar training center2015.

Areas of Expertise:

HRM, Strategic Management, Organizational Behavior, Marketing , International Management, Organizational Change, Learning Organizations

Business and Academic Communities Engagement:

  • keynote speaker


  • Center of Entrepreneurship and Industry Engagement Committee
    Head of Health & Safety Committee.
  • Editor /associate editor/co-editor

Teaching methods/style: Active teaching based on participation

Teaching courses:
PHuman Resource Management, International Management, Business Ethics, Services Marketing, Public Administration, Management principles, Entrance to business administration, Marketing management, Financial management, management of production and industrial organization, Administrative and financial control, International marketing, Principles of marketing.

Courses developed:

  • HRM for the Master Program)- New
  • Contemporary Issues in Management for the Master)- New

Projects/thesis supervised:
Many master theses and projects about Quality of medical services, organizational trust, performance appraisal and marketing information systems ….., and many bachelor student projects like job ethics and social responsibility.