Mansour Naser Alraja is an Associate Professor of Management Information Systems (MIS) at the College of Commerce & Business Administration, Dhofar University. His areas of expertise include IT Adoption, e-commerce applications, systems analysis and design, operation research, and business intelligence, etc.

Alraja’s research focuses on adoption of IT, e-business, e-learning, e-government, and e-commerce, Knowledge management, data mining, IT investment, and It governance. Currently, he is focusing on Digital Organizing, Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, and F-commerce.

Alraja began his career after completing his Bachelor degree, Postgraduate Diploma, and doing Master of Management Information Systems. In addition, he gained his Ph.D. in Management Information Systems. Alraja has worked as an Assistant/Associate Professor of Management Information Systems in Syria, Jordan and currently in Oman. He serves on the editorial/review boards of research journals. Moreover, he participated in international conferences as well as the national one.

Areas of expertise:
IT Adoption, e-business, e-learning, e-government, and e-commerce, Knowledge management, data mining, IT investment, and It governance.

Alraja is Serving on many committees as chair or vice-chair or member. He is serving on the following committees: AACSB Committee (Chair), Quality Assurance Committee (Vice Chair), College Research Committee, Academic Program Development and Review Committee. Furthermore, he served on the following committees: Health and safety committee (Vice Chair), Equivalency committee, Industry and community engagement Committee, and Department Faculty Recruitment Committee.

In teaching, Alraja believes the classroom should be a safe environment to experiment with unfamiliar ideas, new ways for students to think and write. He is doing his best to foster and reward their creativity. He has learned more from trying and failing than he ever has from succeeding. Usually, he encourages his students to participate in the class. As more as they participating in the class, either they will be able to retain their knowledge or they have to correct it and their way of thinking.

As a faculty member in the Department of Management Information Systems, he has taught a wide variety of Management Information Systems classes in several different formats. he has also been actively involved in courses development. He taught courses primarily offered to freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior students. Within all those levels, he has especially focused on mastery in teaching, and in doing so, he believes he has had significant impact on student learning during his tenure.

Beyond the classroom, he has undertaken many activities which have created positive impacts: mentoring and advising students, and course/ curriculum development. he has made help in defining the department’s curriculum. He was the coordinator for many courses such as Introduction to Information systems, Introduction to Electronic Commerce, Systems Analysis and Design, and Application Software and Web Development.

Alraja has supervised students at the undergraduate and graduate levels to the final projects/dissertations. He has also evaluated several Master theses.